Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Gettin' Busy With A Booga

Since my girls are with their dad until Thursday morning, I decided to take this time and get their Booga Bag's done for Easter. Here is what I have done so far...

All that is left to finish on Renae's is the handle then it can be felted. She's going to love this, her favorite color is lime green!!! :)

And here is the start of Elizabeth's. Her favorite color is purple and this Noro Kureyon has plenty of purple in different shades. She will be tickled pink (I mean purple). :)

Now the only problem is keeping my mouth shut. I get so excited when I make them things that I just want to give it to them as soon as it's done. I find it very hard to keep it a secret (MOM that means you too) when I know they are going to enjoy it soooo much. So hurry up Easter! In the meantime I'll have to go shopping for goodies to put in them.

As most people who read my blog (if there are any) know that I have just moved a little over a month ago. Well last night after Miss Tonia and I got home I noticed that there was a truck with 2 little round lights on it, one was red and the other blue. I had asked Miss Tonia if it was an ambulance or an ice cream truck. Well low and behold it was the detective truck for the local police. As Miss Tonia was leaving to go get her girls she calls me from her cell and tells me that there is a body under a sheet out by the garage where the police truck is. LOVELY!!! Miss Tonia then commented to me...I thought I moved out of a bad neighborhood. Well, I sat up and watched the news every moment of it everytime it came on and there was nothing. This morning, my neighbor Miss Angie emails me and tells me that it was a suicide. It was a man in his 50's , newly married. I don't know the details (nor do I want to) but his wife found him dead and cannot locate their 3 cats. So they are thinking he may have done something with them.

Well on a better note...thinks morning when I went into Miss Tonia's girls room to wake them up, I also woke up Vinnie...

He obviously thought that the pompoms were comfy enough to lounge on. This is him looking at me as if I had interrupted some awesome kitty dream. Sorry Vinnie.

Hopefully tonight I'll have more than half of the last Booga Bag done so I can complete them tomorrow before the girls get home. Then it's time for the Rogue. YAY!!!


Sourire11 said...

Ok the body story is really freaky but your booga bags look great!

Sarah said...


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How did you find me???

Dipsy D. said...

Hi from Austria! Gosh, the story with the body sounds so scary - unfortunately these things seem to happen more and more often these days.
But I do love the bags, they're so beautiful and colorful! And Vinnie is such a beauty, how old is he? Tell him Hi from my cat Lady, okay? :)