Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Not In the Office

I just wanted to let any one who reads my blog to know that I will be out of my office for a few days. I might be able to update my blog but as far as pics go, they'll have to wait until Monday. My girls have spring break this week and I want to spend a few days with them. If I can remember to take the camera with me, I will get some "in action" pics of how we spent our days. But I will most definately be near a computer to sign up for the Secret Pal 8 on Saturday. YAY!!! I am so excited to buy goodies for someone and then on top of it all I get goodies in return. Fun, Fun, Fun!

Well, I'm off to enjoy my girls and my weekend. C-ya.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Gettin' Busy With A Booga

Since my girls are with their dad until Thursday morning, I decided to take this time and get their Booga Bag's done for Easter. Here is what I have done so far...

All that is left to finish on Renae's is the handle then it can be felted. She's going to love this, her favorite color is lime green!!! :)

And here is the start of Elizabeth's. Her favorite color is purple and this Noro Kureyon has plenty of purple in different shades. She will be tickled pink (I mean purple). :)

Now the only problem is keeping my mouth shut. I get so excited when I make them things that I just want to give it to them as soon as it's done. I find it very hard to keep it a secret (MOM that means you too) when I know they are going to enjoy it soooo much. So hurry up Easter! In the meantime I'll have to go shopping for goodies to put in them.

As most people who read my blog (if there are any) know that I have just moved a little over a month ago. Well last night after Miss Tonia and I got home I noticed that there was a truck with 2 little round lights on it, one was red and the other blue. I had asked Miss Tonia if it was an ambulance or an ice cream truck. Well low and behold it was the detective truck for the local police. As Miss Tonia was leaving to go get her girls she calls me from her cell and tells me that there is a body under a sheet out by the garage where the police truck is. LOVELY!!! Miss Tonia then commented to me...I thought I moved out of a bad neighborhood. Well, I sat up and watched the news every moment of it everytime it came on and there was nothing. This morning, my neighbor Miss Angie emails me and tells me that it was a suicide. It was a man in his 50's , newly married. I don't know the details (nor do I want to) but his wife found him dead and cannot locate their 3 cats. So they are thinking he may have done something with them.

Well on a better note...thinks morning when I went into Miss Tonia's girls room to wake them up, I also woke up Vinnie...

He obviously thought that the pompoms were comfy enough to lounge on. This is him looking at me as if I had interrupted some awesome kitty dream. Sorry Vinnie.

Hopefully tonight I'll have more than half of the last Booga Bag done so I can complete them tomorrow before the girls get home. Then it's time for the Rogue. YAY!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Just a few pics

Ok, I've seen other people on their blogs post a pic of their knitting spot and here is mine...
And here is my so called yarn stash. I know it's sorta small right now but it keeps growing. And with knit picks right around the corner I am sure it won't be long.
Not much else going on right now. In the pic above is the "practice" cables hat. That is about as good as it will get picture wise. I'm not going to show it off. I will save my spotlight moment for the rogue once it takes off. C-ya.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Jumpin' In and Not Lookin' Back

Ok, here's the thing...I have only been knitting since December 2005 and have for the most part kept it purdy simple. Well not no more. I am going to go for the big one (at least I think it is). I'm gonna start on the Rogue. Click here to go to the website where you can purchase the pattern (or at least drool over it). I ordered the yarn from Knitpicks. The wool of the andes in the color winter night on Friday and had it at my house on Saturday. Life is great when you live less than 5 minutes from Knitpicks warehouse. To bad they won't let me in there, I'd go hog wild...wait a minute, I bring up a good point...maybe that's why they won't let me in there. Anyway, I am practicing my cables and working from a chart on a hat. I would call this my practice run, so therefore there won't be any pics allowed of it since it is my first attempt. Once I start on my Rogue I will have pics. Tonight maybe I will take pics of my wool and my growing bigger stash of goodies. I have all of these projects that I want to start but they will just have to hold on for now. 'Cuz it's Rogue or bust from this point on. I will only stray to work on Booga bags for my girls for Easter, but that's it (shhhh, they're a secret MOM). For once in my life I am going to make myself something (other than the Booga bag) for me. I rarely do it and for once I think I deserve it. So hopefully tomorrow my camera will remember to jump in my knitting bag so I can put some pics on here. Until then. C-ya!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Booga, booga, booga

It is done! I have accomplished my booga bag....and here it is.

This is the before felting pic...
And this is the after felting pic...

I have claimed it to be my new little purse. Wait
until my girls see this. They will be begging for
their own. But I figured since Easter isn't that far off I might make them each a booga bag and make it the Easter basket. They will get a kick out of that. I just love the colors on the Noro Kureyon color# 166. That blue just pops. This was a free pattern from Black Sheep Bag's.

Now I can start on my Pink Ribbon Socks, another free pattern. Once I get them started I will take pics. Now that my camera and computer have worked out their differences I will be able to add all the pics I want. (Yay)

Well, I'm almost done for the day. I opened the office the morning so I get to leave early:) C-ya and Happy St. Patty's Day. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY mom, I luv ya!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

7 1/2 " US 1 Brittany DPN's...anybody? anybody?

For some reason, in the whole Columbus, Ohio area there is not one pair of 7 1/2" US 1 Brittany DPN's anywhere. Miss Tonia and I have canvased the LYS's and not a set to be seen. But, there's always ebay...and low and behold I have located a set on there and I bought them on the "buy now" plan. I wish they would have had 2 sets and then Miss Tonia could have got her's too. Jaywalker's must be a hit here in Central Ohio 'cause US 1's in just about any brand are hard to come by. Oh, by the are the pics of the baby blanket I finished:

Up close and personal even. I like how the seed stitch turned out. It really made a nice edge for this blanket.

And here is a full frame view, a little dark but when I used the flash for some reason on the pic it looked like it was glowing. But after washing and blocking the finished dims are 33 x 37. Not bad for a baby blanket.

I am almost done with my booga bag so I will have pics of it soon. I just have a few more inches to finish on the handle and then I'll take my before felting pic.

I cannot wait until the end of this month...that's when SecretPal8 should begin and I am so joining this time. This whole blog thing is still a little new to me but I think I'm gettin' the hang of it and I really like it. I never thought I would say this...but I really enjoy reading other people's blogs and seeing all of the great projects they are working on and some really awesome patterns too. And leaving comments on things that spark my interest. So please feel free to just drop a note anytime even if it's just to say hey.

Almost time to get the heck outta the office (YAY) C-ya

Friday, March 10, 2006


Finally, it's almost the weekend and tonight is knitter's night out at our LYS. Yay, I can't wait. I am currenty working on a baby blanket for a friend in Plymouth Encore Chunky colorspun #7117. It has yellow, white, and a light green variation and is very pretty.

Oh, I almost forgot...I saw a funny bumper sticker on the way to work a couple of days ago, and it said...


Since Miss Tonia and I carpool we laughed our butts off. I want that bumper sticker for my car!

Now jumping to yet another ex.
As I stated a few days ago, his mother passed away. Well, they didn't have a funeral service and she is being cremated. Yesterday the family went to view the body for the last time and to my understanding it was only supposed to be just the family. Well, my ex took his girlfriend of 2 weeks, who has only met his mother maybe once or twice with him to view the body. I had 13 years of my life with that man and helping take care of mother and doing things with her and taking her places and I was offered no closure. Instead he takes the homewrecker to view his mother in their final moments together. She shouldn't have went at all. I don't care if I didn't go, I just think it was very disrespectful to take her. Trust me, there were plenty of other shoulders to cry on or hands to hold there. My ex is the baby of 9 and all of the nieces and nephews are for the most part over the age of 18. I told my ex that I was completely disappointed in his choice. I thought he was smarter than that. I was just proven wrong. And it probably won't be the first time. I guess I will stand by the proven theory of what goes around comes around and it usually comes back 10 fold...well, that one's gonna hurt.

Hurry up 5 o'clock. I want to go home. C-ya

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What A Day

This morning I woke in an okay mood. Got my girls up to get dressed and I hopped in the shower. The morning was going good. Just a few arguments between my girls, but nothing major. Once I got to work it all changed. I got a call from my ex...his mother passed away. Mind you, I had been with my ex near 13 years and she was a part of my life. She will be dearly missed by me and especially my girls. My thoughts are with the family. I can't see to type anymore, my eyes are filled with tears. So I will write later. C-ya.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Sleepy Monday

I am so tired today. I can barely keep my eyes open. And it doesn't help when other around me yawn out loud. Just talking about it makes me yawn. Well, anyway...I just wanted to update the move in situation.

This past Saturday, Miss Tonia and I went to get what we thought was the last load out of her old place and....well...3 trips later we were done. We actually had to bribe ourselves to complete the task at hand by rewarding ourselves with some food when we were done. Tee Jay's is were we ended up and I think we both would have rather ate at home. At least the service would have been better. It's been a while since I had been to this location and I don't intend on going back anytime soon. Later that night, Miss Tonia and her girls ended up at the movies with her aunt to watch Chicken Little. I also ended up at a different theater with my girls and one of their cousins and we saw Nanny McPhee. It was a very cute movie.

Now back to the knitting...I just started a pair of Pink Ribbon socks. I just casted on and made one round so far so I really don't want to take a pic of just a row of K1P1. Once I get a little further I will show you. I also will be starting a baby blanket here soon. I was asked if once I started it...if I could finish it within a week. I will put forth all efforts to do so and hope I can accomplish it. C-ya