Monday, March 31, 2008

Not Much Going On...(sigh)

Hello dear blogworld. Yes, I am still alive and breathing...and believe it or not, knitting. I have found the perfect thing to knit with my clearance yarn and am about 8 inches into the cardi that I'm working on. It doesn't seem to be growing very fast at all. Maybe if there is still daylight when I get home I'll take a few pics. I know, I haven't had many photos here lately. I will work on that...promise.

So this past weekend I had my girls and we didn't do much. I was on call so I was kind of on a short leash. On Friday mom, my girls and I ventured out for chinese food. Well on our way out of the restaurant I saw a Canada goose about 5 cars down from where I was parked. So thinking that he would fly off, I went in the direction of the goose. Lo and behold, that goose attacked my car. He was pecking at my headlights and hissing. So he must have been guarding a nest or his female friend. I had to back up and go another direction other than what I was going. Crazy goose!

Besides having to go into the office on Saturday to off load freight wasn't what I looked forward to doing. YAY! (me rolling my eyes) So after that and a stop to eat breakfast it was off to Wally world for food. Then I had to spend 2 hours at the laundromat to wash a huge gazebo cover and drop it at its new owners place. The rest of the weekend was spent at home. Doing laundry and a bunch of nothing else. All day Sunday we stayed home. My girls were so bad on Saturday that I didn't think they deserved to go do anything fun on we just sat at home. I think they needed a little bit of reality thrown back at them for being ungrateful. Hope it worked.

Okay, I've got to get back to work now. It's been kinda slow today. But I have a few things to do.

Choi for now! Dreem

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I LOVE the clearance bin at Heavenly

So on Thursday evenings I work at Heavenly Creations. A lovely little shop located in Grandview Heights. Well, this past Thursday...I found some beautiful aran weight yarn in an eggplant deep rich purple color. And since I couldn't do much this weekend I think I have found the perfect cardi/coat. So yesterday I did a swatch. Yep, you heard correctly. I did a swatch. I started with a US7, then a US8, and then even a US9. Well, after all of that I discovered that I had been looking at the wrong thing and my swatch with US7's is perfect. So my clearance bin find will be a cardi for me...hopefully. Now where did I put that measuring tape? Off to find it since the move.

C-ya, Dreem

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Can I Be Done Yet?

Okay, the unpacking is coming along. Just a little slower than I had anticipated. I just wanna be done.

Last Thursday while working at Heavenly Creations I helped a customer who actually lives right down the street from me. So she came over last night so I could help her with her knitting project. You just don't know how good it felt to sit down and talk about knitting instead of unpacking. Thank you Michelle! I enjoyed your visit and I can't wait to see your finished project.

Well, I gotta get ready to run a few errands. I have off from work today. So I'll catch you later.

Bye, Dreem

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Time to unpack and reorganize

Ok, so yesterday was the end of moving stuff from one place to the next. Now comes the time where everything gets to be unpacked and put in the place where it belongs. And in this new place, the girls are having some issues with volume control. Now don't get me wrong. It's not like they were super loud at my other place...just when they come home from their dad's, it's like all they do is yell over there. Geesh! My head hurts for the first hour or so when I get them back. And the fact that right now they would rather stay at his house so they don't have to unpack. Don't blame them there. I told them it was only fair though, seeing as I packed almost everything. It's time for them to help me, then they admitted that it was nice not to have to pack. So most of the time, until they get off track, they are actually putting things away and emptying boxes and such. Ahhhh! Soon, there will be sanity. I can't wait.

And on the knitting front...I have temporarily grounded myself from any knitting until everything is unpacked and put away. Seems to be working so far. Moving through things pretty quickly.

Gotta go, Dreem