Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Again

YAY! Another weekend of beautiful weather!!! That means open up the windows and let the fresh air in. Or at least what we believe to be fresh air.

Last night, while the kids were with their dad...I went to Sutherlands. Kind of like a small version of Home Depot or Lowes. Just a bit closer to my house plus they usually have great sales. Well, hot damn...they did. I found 4" perinnials for under a $1. WOO HOO! Flowers here I come. So I went ahead and picked up a few. I have pics but the camera is on charge right now so I'll get them up later. It's not much really. But to be able to play outside in the dirt and arrange flowers the way I want with a helpful hand from Miss Tonia of coarse is just so peaceful. Gotta have my rubber gloves though. I have this horrible thing with textures. I can't stand to touch alot of things with my bare hands but give me some surgical gloves and I can touch anything...well almost anything (get you minds out of the gutter). Miss Tonia laughs at me because of this issue, hell I laugh at myself. I have tried to play in the dirt without them and then I just can't take it no more. I have to break down and get my "security" gloves on. And don't even get me started on pumpkin carving. Now I love to get those books of complex pictures and carve at least 4 pumpkins by myself but someone else has got to get the guts out for me. YUK!!! I usually leave it up to my girls or their father to do that part. I just can't do it. It's too gross!

Anyway, back to knitting...I am almost to the half way point on the baby blanket that I am working on and hope to get it done this weekend. Maybe I'll take the girls to a park and just sit and knit while they wear themselves out. Once the blanket is finished then I can reward myself by getting back to my rogue. I have seen 2 completed rogue's on Claudia's blog(in her "my gallery" on her side bar) and can't wait to finish mine. I hope if I have questions I might be able to get a few helpful hints from her or anyone else who may have a few moments to spare when I get stuck. Also, I have a sock that I casted on I think at the beginning of March that is still only maybe 15 rows deep. I will get to that soon or later. I may just end up sending it to the frog pond for now and start on it later. C-ya!


Prattlebabe said...

Hi Amy

I'm the hostess for SP8 and I can't send an email to the main email to you sent us. Would you please go to your anonymous email you set up and look for the email I sent you about this?


Sourire11 said...

I have a great pair of garden gloves that I don’t think I could do ANYTHING outside without. I can’t handle getting dirt under my fingernails… yes, I am a wuss… but I understand your thing with texture!