Friday, December 29, 2006

Piss Poor Mood

You ever have one of those days? I am just sitting at my desk and my blood is boiling. And have absolutely no reason as to why I feel this way. Except that lovely know the one...every month. There is not a person on the face of this earth that has done anything to piss me off and I am sure the first one to even try would get head ripped off and shoved up their a$$. I am trying to sit at my desk quietly and not disturb anyone. Do you realize how hard that is since I am the one who usually is full of wise cracks? VERY HARD!!! But for fear something god awful mean would blurt out I don't chance it. I just want to go home and be mean all by myself. Thank goodness the kids are at their dad's this weekend. I hate being in "a mood" when I have them. My "mood" and my kids just don't get along to well.

In knitting news I have been a little burnt out here lately and have made several cross stitch ornaments for my Christmas tree. I have many on my tree and each one is dated with what year they were made. As I was taking my tree down last night I was looking at the years in which the ornaments were made and they date all the way back to 1990. WOW! I was only 14 years old when I started making them.

Along with all of the other pics that I owe my blog family...maybe I will try to take some pics of my cross stitch ornaments and post them too. Nuttin' like addin' to my list of things to do.

If I don't get to post before the new year, ya'll have a safe one...K?


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