Sunday, October 07, 2007

Lazy Daize

Wow, I have been in a bit of a lazy blogger mode. I have been knitting, just lazy about posting on it. Sorry blogland.

Well, shortly after I finished my monkey socks...I found out that my cousin was pregnant and started knitting in pink in hopes that it would help for the outcome of a girl when she went to find out. Seeing that she already has 2 little boys, I thought it was only fair that it was time for a little girl. She even wore pink from head to toe and all of her accessories were pink too the day she was to find out. I will have you know, that none of it worked. She is having a little boy (again) and now that my something pink is almost complete, I might as well finish it...right? (Sigh) So I'll share pics once the something pink is finished. Just gotta finish the sleeves and edging on the neck, so it won't be long...k?

And in other news. Come February 2008, I will be moving. Miss Tonia and I have been room mates for 2 years come that time and friends for even way longer than that and have decided that it's time to move on. In the time that we've shared this space, there has never been one major fight or arguement. C'mon, we're almost like sisters. Each of us both having 2 girls and a small zoo all slammed into one big space made for an interesting life. Most of the time it was just laughs. From the initial move in days, to sewing what seemed like a million corn hole bags, to random dinners and more. It has been great! I'm glad we were able to help each other during this time...but now? On to bigger and better things!!!

Ok, ok, back to knitting now. Talk with you later when I have pics of my something pink. Then after that, I'll start on something blue.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I'm still stalking my Ravelry invite. I still have over 7,000 people in front of me. So, not much longer and I'll be a part of this awesome thing called Ravelry. Can't wait!

C-ya, Dreem

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