Friday, January 18, 2008

I Want This!!!

Ok, so I work with Miss Tonia and we both stalk Ravelry like no tomorrow all day long. And she calls me over to her desk to look at this AWESOME bag that is on izodgrrl (ravelry name). I soooooo want one, or two, heck...maybe three. Perfect for carrying around a small project like a sock or something and just adorable as heck.

Check it out for yourself...

But I want to see more colors. Can't wait!

Izodgrrl got her's at a local store near her called TripQuipment. They do not have a website...yet. But their phone number is 207~781~7770. Ms. Tonia called and spoke directly to Sam (very nice man) and he is willing to ship them. Now I have checked a few other sites for this exact bag and either it is sold as a set or if it is sold seperately it is more than what Sam would charge. Sam at TripQuipment said he sells them individually or I'm pretty sure if you want the whole set that could be an option too.

Enjoy! Dreem

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