Sunday, March 02, 2008

Time to unpack and reorganize

Ok, so yesterday was the end of moving stuff from one place to the next. Now comes the time where everything gets to be unpacked and put in the place where it belongs. And in this new place, the girls are having some issues with volume control. Now don't get me wrong. It's not like they were super loud at my other place...just when they come home from their dad's, it's like all they do is yell over there. Geesh! My head hurts for the first hour or so when I get them back. And the fact that right now they would rather stay at his house so they don't have to unpack. Don't blame them there. I told them it was only fair though, seeing as I packed almost everything. It's time for them to help me, then they admitted that it was nice not to have to pack. So most of the time, until they get off track, they are actually putting things away and emptying boxes and such. Ahhhh! Soon, there will be sanity. I can't wait.

And on the knitting front...I have temporarily grounded myself from any knitting until everything is unpacked and put away. Seems to be working so far. Moving through things pretty quickly.

Gotta go, Dreem

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