Wednesday, February 01, 2006

24 days...and counting!!!

It seems like all I do is pack. It is amazing to me that in a time span of 5 years (or more) that I could have accumulated this much stuff. But on the brighter side, I think I'm nearing the finish line...or at least it isn't far off. Then everything else will have to wait since it will just be the big stuff left to move.

I am still working on my first sock and haven't gotten that far. Yesterday I took a picture of it to download onto my blog and for some reason the camera and computer wouldn't talk to each other so I couldn't get my picture. I tried it again this morning and the batteries died on my camera so it will have to wait. The first thing on my mind right now is getting ready to move. I figure once I get all settled in, then I'll treat myself to a full day of knitting. That sounds like a great reward to myself for a job well done.

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