Tuesday, February 28, 2006

All Moved In....Well, Almost.

Well, I did accomplish getting everything out of the ex's house (I think). And I have one more load of boxes at my mom's house and I should be done. Now comes the fun part....unpacking. I bet our new neighbors are wondering where everything is going to go. Between Miss Tonia and me we have enough furniture to furnish an old farm house, the pole barn, and then some. With all of the Tupperware between us, mind you...we were both Tupperware sales ladies at one time, we are going to have to sit down and go through and see exactly what we have and decide if it will all fit in the kitchen. For the most part this weekend went pretty well. If you call being sore all over and not being able to move okay. I am hoping to locate exactly where I packed that blasted camera so I can take some pics to put on my blog. I have been looking since Saturday and still no luck.

Onto knitting news...
I think I had mentioned that I had a pair of socks that I was working on...well I frogged the whole thing. 1. I don't like the texture of the sockotta yarn and 2. the whole hour glass heal with the "yo" is tricky when you are only half paying attention to what you are doing. So now I have some unloved sock yarn to get rid of. I have also seen alot of talk about the secret pal thing and am waiting for #8 to start so I can join. That sounds like alot of fun. I am also waiting for the Knitting Bloggers ring to open back up to new members so I can join. I have never really been into keeping journals or reading much of anything but this blogging stuff has sparked a little bit of an interest in reading (yes Miss Tonia, you have it in black and white). But as I read other peoples blogs, I notice that there are alot of comments on a daily basis. Now I wonder how many people...if any, read my blog. So if you are reading this please be kind and give me a little shout out to let me know you're there. Not that my life is interesting in any way to anyone but myself but I'm just kinda nosey. So if you are out there...I hope to hear from you. Thanks and I'll C-ya!

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