Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I Survived Valentine's Day

Thank god the horrid Halmark holiday is over. Don't get me wrong, I love celebrating it with my girls. That was great. But I'm still in a situation where I am living with "the ex". We get along fine for the most part, but because he has decided to already involve himself in another relationship (fool), that I should mention has been a secret for the past 5 1/2 years (yep, that's right, he was cheating) and wants to go spend time with the WH_ _ _. It kind of makes the time go a bit slow. I don't mind the peace and quiet at all, it's kinda nice. But you would think he would have enough respect to postpone a quiet evening alone with her....after I move out. (yeah, right). Anyway, now that I got that off of my mind I feel alot better :) Besides, the best revenge is to not get revenge at all. It will all come back on him all by itself.

On a better note, I am almost completely done packing!!!(YIPEE) Miss Tonia and I almost have all of the bills setup for our new home. Once we are all moved in, I'm sure you will see some pics. But for now, I have packed my knitting and camera away. I can hear it in the box calling my name but I have to ignore it for now or I'll never get done packing. That will be my gift to myself once I'm all settled in. I'll sit down and knit to my hearts content.

Well, since I off loaded such a big pc of my life in 2 small paragraphs I'll go for now. C-ya

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