Thursday, April 06, 2006

And now for my pics

Okay, here's my story...Yesterday, I tried all day to update my blog at work. Well my work computer has obviously went on strike or something 'cuz it wouldn't let me update. Soooo, last night I went to my mom's to update. I got all of my pics where I wanted them and everything. As I was getting ready to hit the "Publish Post" button....BLIP went the blogger and up came a message stating that blogger went down for maintenence. Fun, fun. So I didn't get my blog done last night either. So I thought I'd be smart and email the pics to my awful computer at work and update there. Well....that didn't happen either. My dumb a$$ computer at work wouldn't let me add the pics to my blog. So....I'm back at my mom's (again) typing just as fast as I can so I don't get hit with that dumb update again. Trust me, it would only happen to me.

So, anyway here are my pics. First I'll start with my girls. On last Thursday we went to the Dairy Queen and then to a park in the area to run some of the sugar buzz off. We had our favorite...Hot fudge, Peanut butter milkshake. YUM YUM!!! So here are Renae in the blue and Elizabeth in the pink hammin' it up for the camera.

They were having a blast. I love when they get along like this. It makes for a great day.

Next up are some pics of my plants. I'll start with my little tree I named grandma. I call it that becuase it's the one thing I was given that kind of symbolizes that my grandma is still near. This month makes 8 years since she has passed away and that's how long I have had this tree. The pot is also a little special reminder of her. I just found about 2 weeks ago. My grandma had a thing for roses. She lived in a ranch style apartment and she had this special gift that with her loving touch she could make roses grow taller than the apartment. Me? I look at a rose and it starts to wilt. So I'll leave the roses to my grandma's memory. Also here is a pic of my little china doll. It was another one of my grandma's favorites. Let's see how long it will last with me. So far so good.

And on this past Sunday I had started some seeds for outside plants after the frost is gone, and on Monday Miss Tonia had noticed that I had little sprouts already. Can you believe it? In under 24 hours I had little green sprouts growing. Just like that. Now I wonder if I use the same little peat pods and plant a quarter if it can grow just as fast--KIDDING!!! That would be nice though. Instant money in less than 24 hrs just by planting a little ol quarter.

And since I couldn't update my blog forever it seemed like. Here are some other pics...

Here is Buttercup catchin' some Z's.

And here is Miss Tonia's kitty Moonie. After about a gazillion shots, I finally got one where she doesn't look like a big black blur with glowing eyes. Isn't she gorgeous?

And here is Miss Tonia's other kitty...Vinnie. Or shall we call him Nermall off of Garfield. He has Nermall's personality and then some. Here are a few more pics of him chasing katnip bubbles. He just loves them sooooo much.

Well, that's all for now folks. I have finally got the pics up and out of my system. For some reason this blog is a little kept eating the pics as I was adding them. So I have had to add the same pics to this blog a couple of time before they would even pop up. I wonder why? Oh, well. At least I got them in. Oh, I almost forgot...I saved the best for last...

I finally started my Rogue. I am only on the 7th row of the hem but at least it's a start. Now I'm headed home to knit some more. YAY!!! C-ya!

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Sourire11 said...

Thanks for the compliments on my painting… I’m so very glad that it’s done and I can get back to more important things – like knitting… and gardening!

What seeds did you plant? I’m new to this whole garden thing so I’m absorbing all of the information that I can – I have some sunflower seeds and some chive seeds that I think I’m just going to plant outside. I wanted to try the indoor seed starting but I was afraid of messing it up… was it hard?