Tuesday, April 04, 2006

One Year Older But I Don't Know About Wiser

Today is my birthday and I am officially the big "30". Miss Freda at work made me lunch and a cake. YUM YUM! How thoughtful of her. Miss Tonia got me a card with this awesome hunk of a man on it. (Thank you Miss Tonia, I'll stare holes through it.) And my girls (with help from grandma--Thanks Mom) got me some grape motiff stuff for my kitchen. They know how I love my grapes and ivy in the kitchen, a ceremic hair straightener, and some bath and body smelly goods...Thank you girls!

This morning I came into work with every intention to put some pics in my blog but my computer is being male again. It won't listen and it's being pigheaded. So who knows when I will ever get pics on here. This computer sucks!!! But I am working on saving some cash for a new laptop with all the fixin's.

One of my pics is of my starter plants that I had planted on Sunday afternoon. Well, on Monday evening Miss Tonia had noticed that just in one day's time I already had little green shoots coming out of the peat pods. Amazing! I couldn't believe it so I took a picture. I also had a couple other pics of other plants of mine that I had transplanted into pretty pots. And a start off picture of my rogue. Which I now have to frog and start all over since I didn't start off on a smaller needle. Thank god I'm only 3 rows into 216 stiches which may I mention was casted on provisionally which is not easy for a first timer. Miss Tonia found an easier way to do the provisional cast on here. This way it won't twist so much. But I will give myself and Miss Tonia credit for one thing...WE SWATCHED like good little girls.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot...I did take some pics of my girls while I was off enjoying time with them at a local park so I'll have to put a couple of those up too. I am so proud of my girls...I got their report cards yesterday and Elizabeth is in elementary school so they just give her check marks, plus signs, and minus signs. She has alot of check plus's which is good. And Renae made honor roll (again) and on top of that she has perfect attendance for the year (so far). I couldn't ask for better girls. Renae woke up this morning and told me she had a bad dream. I had asked her what about and she told me she dreamed that she missed a day of school and then she woke up scared. She was so serious about the whole thing. I told her if that was what she considered a bad dream we were all doing good. She just giggled and went on.

Well enough babbling for now. Hopefully my computer will work with me tomorrow. C-ya.


Sarah said...

Happy 30th birthday!

My 30's have been good to me, I hope they are good to you.

Have a great day.

Sourire11 said...


hope you have a wonderful day!

Andi said...

Just passing through Ohio.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!