Friday, April 21, 2006

Long Week

I know that I had Monday and Tuesday off but my heavens...this has been one of the longest weeks I have endured for a long time. Thank god it's almost time to go home. My youngest, Elizabeth has been home with grandma all week. I scheduled an appointment for her to see the doctor this morning that my mom (the greatest mom ever) took her to. She is now on amoxicillan, you know, the pink yummy stuff, so this should kick whatever it is out of her system. I talked with her a little bit ago and she already sounds more like herself. YAY!!! My little girl is getting better.

Yesterday, I took Miss Freda to the LYS so she could pick out colors for a baby blanket she wants made. I will take some pics as I go and post them later. I also forgot to post pics of the finished Booga's I made my girls. They turned out great! I will post them later too.

Maybe I will work on my Rogue a little this weekend too. First the blanket then the Rogue. I like to get items I make for others done right away. So once I get a good start on the baby blanket then I will reward myself with the Rogue. If Elizabeth feels better I may take her and her sis to the library. Then they can be occupied with books and I can knit.

You all have a great weekend!!! C-ya

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