Tuesday, May 09, 2006

As Promised...

Hello, it is me...the crazy lady that can't get the computer to work (most of the time) to save my a$$. So I finally got the pics of my finished blanket done and here they are...

Yes, I know they are a little dark but if I used the flash the darn thing just looked white. So I used a varigated encore for this baby blanket that had pastels of purple, yellow, pink, and peach. And mind you that I did not intend for it to stripe but it turned out that way.

I thought it turned out good. I'm sure the baby will enjoy it.

So since this past weekend...I have completed my first sock!!! (YAY!!!) I am so proud of myself for following the directions from a book on how to turn a heel. And why, you ask is "from a book" in bold? Well, that would be because this is the first book I have ever purchased (yes, that's right, I'm 30 and it's my first) and I am actually reading it because I want to. I will find a computer tonight (hopefully) that is willing to work for me tonight and post the pics. I will have the mate done soon as they are for my mom for Mother's Day.

Also, I just want to say HEY (hands waving) to my Secret Pal, this is also my first time participating. :)~


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SpiffySecretPal said...

That blanket looks simply lovely! Lucky baby :-)

Way to go on the sock, and good luck with the pre-mother's day finish!