Friday, May 12, 2006

Just Another Day

Yesterday I went to Wally world and purchase my almost 11 yr old an MP3 player. Today I brought it to work to open it up and set it up for her. She's one of those kids who just wants it out of the package and working within seconds of getting. So I am a step ahead of her on this one. Well, I opened it and Miss Tonia helped me setup the songs on it and went to test it out and low and behold the dang thing powers down 30 seconds after being turned on. I replaced the battery, called tech support and everything. Well, if all else fails take it back for another one. So after I get off of work I have to make a mad dash for Wally world (again) and do the ol'
swap-er-roo. Fun, Fun! The things I do for my girls...I love them sooooo much.

Anyway, just to make me feel old Renae, my oldest is turning 11 on Monday (sob, sniffle, sob). So the MP3 player among other fun items will just make it fun for her. As it is right now, she hyjacks my ipod whenever she gets a chance.

On the knitting front...I will post a pic of my (going to be tonight) completed socks that are for my mom on Sunday, as soon as I can get my camera to a computer. So probably tomorrow (hopefully). Then I will try to get back on my Rogue but I might start another pair of socks. For some reason the Rogue and I aren't getting along to well so I haven't been working on it. Since I have had to frog it twice now I'm still a little mad at it. Pics to come later. C-ya.

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Sarah said...

Oh, I feel your pain. My 7 yo would take my ipod if I let her touch it!

They grow up ssssoooo fast.

I swear my almost 4 yo was a baby just a minute ago. Um, and that means 40 is just around the corner for me.

Good luck getting the mp3 player going!