Wednesday, June 14, 2006

THANK YOU Secret Pal 8!!!

You are #1 in my book...especially my new Yarns to Dye For book. You are awesome!

I am already into the 3rd chapter. This is now my 2nd book I have ever owned that I will admit to reading from cover to cover. Of coarse you have those good ol' book reports in school but I was all about scanning over the book or finding someone who had already read the book and then write my report. I hated reading. But since I have turned 30 (yep, just this year) something has come over me...a sense of needing to know certain things and wanting to learn on my own instead of being told how to do it. Hmmm, this must be my independance creeping out. Watch out book world....I'm on to ya now. (hee hee)

This was sitting on my porch when I got home yesterday. My girls were the first one's to the door when we got home and announced loudly that there was a "package" for mom on the porch. Which instantly sends me running to the porch to see where it came from...but guess what. My secret pal is very see...there was no return address or anything. So thank you secret pal where ever in the world you live. C-ya!


SpiffySecretPal said...

I am SO glad it stayed secret. I had to call Amazon customer service, and nave a lovely long chat with a nice man in India, to figure out how to hide my info. Phew, it seems tohave worked!!!

So glad you like it!!!

Melissa said...

Very cool gift!

Jenn said...

Very Nice! can't wait to see what you dye up with the help of that book!