Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Exactly One Week

Ok, I know. I've been a bad blogger and let this update come right down to the exactly 7 day rule. And for that, I apologize. But I also will apologize that since I am updating at work I have no access (stupid computer) to download pics. Trust me I have a few. Life has been a wee bit busy since the days have become longer and warmer and dry. My girls have pool passes to our lovely local Moose Lodge so I...clock out at work, run home and get the girls, let my poor little (I've been holding it for hours) dog out to "go", find a quick "so-called" meal then get over to the pool to swim. The great part about this is I don't do public or business private pools. It makes my skin crawl to think that someone did the unmentionable in the pool. I know, I know. You ask why I think it's ok for my girls to go swimming? Well, I will be the first one to tell you, they have a shower area inside the bathroom and every break I make them rinse off and then once we get home they hop straight in the shower. Plus, my girls were told by me that if they did the unmentionable in the pool it would be more than obvious because there would be a bright pink spot in the pool right where they were and EVERYONE would know who did it. Anyway, back to the great part....I get to knit! A complete 1 1/2 to 2 hours of straight knitting outside in the beautiful shaded area by the pool where I can watch my girls have fun and I can even go purchase me a preferred beverage of choice to sip on and knit. AHHHHH! Talk about stress relief. So needless to say I have been getting some knitting done. I have picked the Rogue back up after being mad at it for a couple of months now and have got some of it accomplished. (Pic to go here but my computer sucks, so later). I am also almost done with my Trek Along socks and have a few pics of it's travel to the pool side. I plan for it to travel some more though. And I am just started yesterday on a small handbag done in OSU style. (I'll definately have to take some picks of it before and after I felt it. I am working with two colors for the very first time and I don't like it (yet). Granted the finished piece will look awesome buuuuuutt I'm one for nice tidy work areas and the back of the thing isn't so nice to look at. So I have taken it upon myself to cut and knot all ends (since it's going to be felted and most likely lined), no one will ever even know. So shhhhhh! Well, since I can't post pics (stupid computer), I'll be done for now. And by the way....Have a great first day of summer. Go Summer Sock Party! Woo Hoo!!! C-ya.

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