Sunday, November 19, 2006

Central Park Hoodie

This is my first ever completed sweater. This is the "before blocking" picture. I used Encore worsted weight as it is completely washable and dryable. This is the only way my mom will accept it. And since it is a Christmas gift for her...that's the way I made it. I now am searching for the perfect buttons and once it's blocked and the buttons are sewn on I will wrap it. (That way I don't get any crazy ideas to give it to her early). Here are the pictures of the front and back. Enjoy! I am currently working more Christmas gifts. I will post pics of those as I finish them.

Still haven't heard from my Harvest Sock Swap pal yet???



Sourire11 said...

wow! That is beautiful. Beautiful... congrats on finishing your first sweater!!! My first sweater was knit for my mom for Christmas, too.

Melissa said...

Gorgeous. Very impressive for a first sweater!