Monday, January 15, 2007

Friday Night Knitter

This past weekend my girls were with their father. Sooooo, I decided that I was going to take my happy butt to the "Knitter's Night Out", held every 2nd Friday of every month at Heavenly Creations, one of my lovely LYS's. I took my
sock that I am currently working on (I'll post pics later) and Miss Tonia took a footie she was working on. Had a good time. The place was packed. So packed, that I ended up sharing a bench with a very nice lady who was crocheting with a steele and seed beads (yikes, tiny stuff) and Miss Tonia ended up on a kiddy chair. Later we ended up in two of the more comfy spots in the middle of the room. That was nice.

Once we were done there we decided to go "out". So we ended up at a place called City Limits. We played a few games of pool (aka: moving the balls around the table) and had a couple of drinks. Well, after the drinks set in we started to get hot, plus the fact that the place just wasn't hoppin' we left. So then we decide to go home and change into lighter shirts so we don't get so hot and went to Rackum's, another bar. We walked in, got a stamp to verify we were old, went to the restroom and left. That place was dead and full of nothing but older people just sitting around. So we headed out to Lucky's, yet another bar. Where we stayed for the remainder of the evening drinking, laughing and playing pool (still just moved the balls around the table). Once we closed the place we had to go get breakfast. Where else of coarse? Tee Jay's. We were there almost before most the the bar scene was, so we got our food pretty fast and got outta there before it got to loud and crazy.

I'm not one that is much for the bar scene, but it was kinda nice to do something out of the ordinary. I usually am one to keep to myself and stay home. Sometimes it would be nice to have someone to snuggle with when I stay home but I don't think I want that full time yet. I haven't even went out on a date yet, and at the end of February will be 1 year that I've been single. I was in the last relationship for near 13 years, with the father of my 2 girls. I don't want that kind of relationship again. So I will definately take my time finding exactly what I want. I'll call it my shopping time.

But I definately need to go out and practice my pool playing skills. I used to have a pool table in my basement and was what I considered myself to be an ok player. I even have my own stick (not a cheap one either). But Friday night I just played slop and bad slop at that. I can usually call the shot I'm aiming for. Maybe the alcohol had something to do with it. Yeah, not enough! Hah!


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