Friday, January 19, 2007

Whoo Hoo! Count me in!!!

In November of last year (I think), I signed up the the Socks That Rock Club for 2007. Or precertification as it is called. So once I was signed up all that was left to do was pay in January 2007. Well, I did that on 1/5/07. On 1/8/07 I checked my bank account and showed where I had paid the amount needed and then a deposit back into my account of that same amount. WHAT?!?! I thought I was dreaming. You know, such awesome yarn and they were giving me the Club for free? Whoo Hoo! Then I read an email that Blue Moon sent that stated that their bank (which they would not name)thought that the Blue Moon Company was running a yarn scam. The bank obviously did not realize just how many yarn addicts are in the world. And when they saw the same amount of money over and over they froze the account and reimbursed all customers. So, now Blue Moon fixed the online site and now everything is happy honky dory. So COUNT ME IN! I have paid my dues and should get my first goodie package from Blue Moon in February. I am sooooooo excited! I just can't wait!!

Also, I see a computer of my very own in my near future. As I got a nice return from the IRS and that is one gift I promised myself. Hurry up return and hit my bank. YAY me!

I'm sure I'll be posting soon. I am almost done with a pair of socks for me. They are turning out great!

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