Monday, March 31, 2008

Not Much Going On...(sigh)

Hello dear blogworld. Yes, I am still alive and breathing...and believe it or not, knitting. I have found the perfect thing to knit with my clearance yarn and am about 8 inches into the cardi that I'm working on. It doesn't seem to be growing very fast at all. Maybe if there is still daylight when I get home I'll take a few pics. I know, I haven't had many photos here lately. I will work on that...promise.

So this past weekend I had my girls and we didn't do much. I was on call so I was kind of on a short leash. On Friday mom, my girls and I ventured out for chinese food. Well on our way out of the restaurant I saw a Canada goose about 5 cars down from where I was parked. So thinking that he would fly off, I went in the direction of the goose. Lo and behold, that goose attacked my car. He was pecking at my headlights and hissing. So he must have been guarding a nest or his female friend. I had to back up and go another direction other than what I was going. Crazy goose!

Besides having to go into the office on Saturday to off load freight wasn't what I looked forward to doing. YAY! (me rolling my eyes) So after that and a stop to eat breakfast it was off to Wally world for food. Then I had to spend 2 hours at the laundromat to wash a huge gazebo cover and drop it at its new owners place. The rest of the weekend was spent at home. Doing laundry and a bunch of nothing else. All day Sunday we stayed home. My girls were so bad on Saturday that I didn't think they deserved to go do anything fun on we just sat at home. I think they needed a little bit of reality thrown back at them for being ungrateful. Hope it worked.

Okay, I've got to get back to work now. It's been kinda slow today. But I have a few things to do.

Choi for now! Dreem

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