Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ok, update with pics...

So just to update with some pics...

Here is my oldest, Renae, holding her trophy after winning her championship game.

Finland Electric Champ 2008

Mud and all. This was (as I said before) an AWESOME game!!!

And here are some pics of the sample sock that I knit up for the shop. This yarn is called Happy Choices. It comes prenknit in a scarf and you unravel and knit from it. Neat concept...

Happy Choices

and here...

Happy Choices yarn

And here is the sock that I knit for the shop.

Happy Choices Store Sample

And I'll leave you with one last pic...here is Buttons, one of the 2 kittens that my mother has nursed back to health and will soon be getting fixed and finding a good home (hopefully). Enjoy!


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