Wednesday, February 22, 2006

OMG It's Almost Movin' Day

Ok, thought I'd copy of off Miss Tonia and show ya the old place and the new place...

Here is where I currently live...that is until Friday 2/24/06. I should be able to move everything that I'm taking with me out all on one day. That way I can help Miss Tonia on Saturday.

And this is where I will be moving to. And nope, that's not my car. This pic was taken in 2004. Yeah, I'm losing a big back yard but at the same time I am also getting rid of a full time headache (that would be the ex). Besides, this place is more up to date and if it breaks...I don't have to pay to get it fixed...Whoopee:)~

As far as packing goes, I think for the most part I am completely done. I have made my list of furniture and items that I need to take. But that is all for the day I move. I really cannot do much more. Tonight I am breaking down beds, 2 twins and a king. And most likely will pull the dressers out that I am taking and sweep where they were. Then go downstairs and take the cushions off of the couch, love seat, and chair and shrink wrap them together just to make moving day alot easier. The rest will have to be done the day of the move (Friday) since it's all essential items, like the alarm clocks, toiletries, bedding, and animals. Can't forget my pets.

But tomorrow I will head back to Miss Tonia's house to help her break down her girls bunk's definately a 2 person job.

Hurry up Friday...I just want this weekend to start so it can end. I just want this to go as smooth as possible. That way when I'm sore on Sunday, I'll have Monday to recoop. C-ya.

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