Friday, June 02, 2006

Long Time No Update

Sorry, I didn't realize just exactly how long it has been since my last entry. But I guess some time has slipped by me. Sooooo, I'll update ya on my life.

Not really a whole lot goes on in my life except the usual daily routine. You know, get up, take a shower, get the girls up, dressed, and fed and off to the sitters then go to work. I guess you could say my life is bland in a sense. But I would rather be home with my girls than out on the "bar scene", if you get my drift. There are way too many weirdo's out there.

Anyway, I can throw myself a pity party on my own time. Time to update knitting news. Sorry, no pics yet. I have to go visit my mom and use her computer for those. But I will do that soon. I finished a pair of footies out of the kool aid yarn I dyed for Renae and am getting ready to start a pair for Elizabeth. They turned out awesome. Or at least they are loved by who will be wearing them:) (the stripes are crazy, you'll see). I also will be starting on my Trek Along socks this weekend. I can't wait. Hopefully it's nice outside this weekend so I can go to a park for a walk and take some pics with my traveling trekking sock. C-ya.

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