Thursday, August 31, 2006

I got a package...

from my one and only Spiffy Secret Pal. THANK YOU!!! I will go more in depth once I get to a computer that likes my camera. So that should be Friday or Saturday at the latest. Let me just say this now. I love my goodies!!!

And now for more on my so called with a sixth grader sure seems to be busy. In the first 2 1/2 weeks of school, I have went to her school for meetings more than I ever visited the school last year total. You see, Renae is wanting to join in band this year. So there are meetings galore! And yet another one tonight for a "fitting". She has to try out the instruments and see which one she feels most comfortable with. Hopefully it will be the flute or clarinet as we have both of those instruments at hand. She also wants to try the oboe. And if that's the one she chooses it will have to be the loaner from the school 'cause my butt ain't payin' for that expensive piece of metal this year!

And yet another chapter in my so called! I have been single for 6 months now and still have not went on a date. Not that I'm in any kind of rush or anything but it sure would be nice just to go out and have dinner with someone and actually have a conversation with someone other than my mom, kids, or their father (yuk). I guess if I would actually expose myself to the world instead of sheltering myself in my safehaven (aka: my room) , it might actually happen. But I find myself when my girls are with their father (which is barely ever) that I sit in my room and mope. And I'll be the last person on this planet to ever ask a guy out! There is just a fear about that whole situation that I could never picture myself doing it. So who knows...maybe I'll be single forever:) No problem. It's not like I need a man to be father to my girls...they already have that. So I am looking more for me rather than us (meaning me and my girls). I don't want anything serious at this point just someone to hang out with every once in a while, you know, when my girls are with their dad. There are a couple of nice looking single men that I know...but like I said. I'm not asking!

Oh, and on the knitting front...I have slowed way down. It's like I've lost my knitting groove. All I can do at this point is just stare at my unfinished Rogue. I so badly want to finish it so I can wear it and be proud at my first sweater ever. I also have ordered my wool for the Central Park Hoodie KAL and now am just waiting on it to come in. I was reading over the pattern and by what I was looking at, it looks like a simple cable pattern so it should move pretty quick, but we'll see. It's been two weeks though and still no yarn. I have also started on a pair of fingerless gloves and got the first one finished. Mental note to self...take pic and post it. I may frog it and start over but tighten up the tension a little. But it does look nice for a first attempt. I also have the first of Elizabeth's pair of socks complete. She likes it, but I don't. Guess it's not what I think since they're not for me. She wanted a purple pair of socks with a lime green heel and a pink toe (EWWWW). So I'm half way there. Just gotta find my mojo to keep going. Oh, yeah...almost forgot. I'm thinking about dying some more yarn except this time with acid dyes. But like I said, at this point it's still just a thought.



Sarah said...

Don't rush the dating....when you really feel like it, you will be ready.

Can't wait to see the photos from your SP gift.

Melissa said...

You'll date when you're ready.
Be careful with the acid's super addictive!

samantha said...

I am glad you got it, and like it! Come over and visit my blog some time!

From your no-longer Secret Pal, Samantha