Wednesday, June 13, 2007

If you have a weak stomach please do not look...

This is how my Tuesday afternoon went...

(phone rings at work and I answer)

me: Blah Blah Company...can I help you?

The ex: Meet me at Childrens Hospital...Elizabeth needs stitches!

me: WHAT !?!?!?!

The ex: Yeah, she got hit above the eye with a hard plastic egg or something.

me: Ummm, ok...a plastic egg can cause someone to need stitches...?

The ex: I'm headed there right now...just meet me!

me: On my way! See you there!

and this is the lovely site I get greeted with by my 9 year old...

Ok, now blogger world...this gash on her eyebrow line was DEEP and huge (to me). Poor thing! I guess she was in the pool at her dads. She was under water and when she came up for air she got hit with some kind of hard plastic egg (not from easter) that her fathers girlfriends boys and their friends decided to fill with water and throw around. OUCH!!!

9 stitches later...

This is what she looked like. By the way, that is James. He was awesome!!! He talked my baby girl through the whole thing and put the numbing creme on it and then stitched her right up. 1 internal and 8 external dissolvable stitches. A total of 9 stitches for a 9 year old. I'm proud of Elizabeth...she handled it like a pro! Way to go!!!

Ok, now back to sleep since I'm up at 3 a.m. blogging about this..Hee hee!


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