Monday, June 25, 2007

My Hurricane Sock Party 2007 Package

First and foremost...a great big THANK YOU!! to Cassi you rock!!!

This is what the mailman brought to my house on oh man, was my dog going off when he came to the door. Sometimes she works better than a doorbell...*giggle*

And here are all the goodies that were inside of that big ol box...

As far as yummies go...GIRL YOU ROCK!!! Mesquite BBQ Pringles (almost gone), Starburst (just opened them), and Twix PB's (gone...the girls scarfed them)

Yarn? Oh yes, there is yarn. Gloss in Concord Grape (for my sock) which by the way...I almost bought this magazine earlier this week just for the pattern you used on my sock...LOVE IT!!! A skein of Tomas Tilley 60% silk yarn...YUM!!!, and 2 skeins of Cherry Tree Hill one in the Earth colorway and the other is nameless as of yet...but I'll find the name out soon enough. And then I got the mag I almost bought myself...Interweave Knits and a Vogue Knitting Socks book.

Here is a closer look at the cuff pattern...

And here is my fat foot...sportin' the goods...hee hee!!!

I love everything about this package. Couldn't ask for anything more EVER!!! Thank you soooooo much Cassi!!! I love it all!

C-ya, Dreem

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