Sunday, July 29, 2007

Headed to California...

For business! Ok, sitting at the airport for a flight to LAX (Los Angeles, CA). Anxious, nervous and excited all at once. My nerves are shot! I don't care to much for planes...only been on a few. Just don't like the feeling of not being in control. I know, I know....WEIRD! But that's just me. Gave all my kisses and hugs to everyone that matters and here I sit. Sweating it out. I hate being nervous for that reason. So that's why I arrived earlier than most. So I could sit down, and chill out. Maybe another half an hour and I'll be good to go...

I have never been to California, so this will be an experience all in it's own. I WILL BE visiting the Pacific...come hell or high water. I will get to the beach! I have promised myself that one. And I plan to take lots of pics. (hopefully)

Well, I'm going to dig into my little knitting bag and start my second monkey sock right now. Help get my mind off all the happenings around me.

C-ya for now, Dreem

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