Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggady jig...

Ok, the business trip to Hermosa Beach, Ca was a blast. Yes, I worked all day Monday through Thursday, but once our office day was done the night life was great.

Monday night we went to the Bluewater Grill. I ordered crab cakes, and as crazy as it sounds...I've never had crab cakes. Yes, I know...I live a sheltered life! All I can say is YUM!

Tuesday, after a long days work...WHEW! We went to the Cheesecake Factory. I had the orange chicken. My lord that's alot of food for one person. And then we ordered dessert to go. I had never been here before, and there's one in my neck of the woods. I will definitely be visiting it soon though. YUM YUM!

Wednesday we were supposed to go fend for ourselves. HA, NOT!!! We all ended up at Hennessey's Tavern. They have great appetizers and drinks.

And then Thursday night after our final day at the office, we went to the Italy's Little Kitchen. I had lobster alfredo and a glass of Chiante, and ended the night with a cappuccino. And needless to say, that thing was loaded. I was on a caffine high for hours afterwards.

Oh yeah, I had never had lobster before either. Yes, I do live a seriously sheltered life. But, I got to live a little in Hermosa Beach, CA. I took some pics and here are a few for you to see...

This is my favorite picture that I took of the Pacific Ocean! The colors were just awesome!

Here's another shot of the Pacific...It was so pretty that night.

And here's a shot of the beach from the pier. Enjoy!

On the knitting front, I am near the heel on my second monkey that I've been working on. And I have started my first lace project. I have pics of there here soon.

C-ya! Dreem

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honkbopsax said...

Hennessy's Tavern is the best! I go out to LA every quarter for one of my clients, and always make sure to stop in there for their Captain Crunch french toast (breakfast) their burger (lunch) and either their meatloaf or their fresh fish special (dinner). The view around 6 or so in the summer can't be beat if you're sitting upstairs on the deck!